We study the physics of soft matter systems that are easily deformable by external forces, for example biological matter like cells and tissue or synthetic materials like gel particles. To probe soft objects we use hydrodynamic, magnetic, dielectrophoretic and acoustic forces. Our interest encompasses fundamental questions such as the relation of structure and function of viscoelastic (bio)-materials as well as technological application.

Prof. Thomas Franke

Thomas Franke completed his Ph.D thesis at the MPI of Colloids and Interfaces (Golm) in 2004 and then spent postdocs at the University of Ulm, MPI Dynamics and Self-Organization (Göttingen) before he became a senior researcher at the University of Augsburg where he accomplished his Habilitation in 2011. In 2012 he became a Prof. of Materials Engineering at University of Augsburg. In 2013 he then joined the School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow as Prof. of Biomedical Engineering.

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Prof. Thomas Franke
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